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Welcome To DsiCafe, A Website Made For The Dsi, 3DS, And Mobile Phones.


4/3/14   Hello This Is My First Post For The News Section. Right Now The Site Is Kind Of Dead Right Now Especially Since I Just Started A Few Days Ago. This Site Might Take A While To Grow Since I Do This On My Free Time And I Rarely Work On This Site Though Now Im Working More On This..... I Will Keep This Site Updated Over Time, So  Please Check On This Site To See What Will Come Out Of This Currently Under Construction Site. Thanks!

4/17/14  Hello I Just Updated The Site Today! Im So Happy Of My Accomplishments So Let Me Tell You What I Did. Today I Updated The Photo Gallery By Creating My First Album. Second, I Opened Up The Guestbook And Left You A Little Message So You Can Log In And Leave A Greeting Or Something. Third, I Made A Suggestion Forum So I Can Get Some Ideas From The Public.

4/18/14 Hello Its Me Again Just To Tell You I Put My Email In The Contact Section Today So If You Want Me To Shoot Me An Email, Go Ahead. Im Planning To Make A New Page, So Stay Tuned As I Update The Site.

10/29/14 Hello Im Sorry That I Haven't Updated The Site In Over 6 Months! I Was On Vacation In Mexico And Now I Have School So Currently I Couldn't Update The Site But Here I Am And Just In Time For Halloween! In Two Days Everybody Will Be On The Streets, Frightning Children With Every Costume Imaginable. Well I Got News For You! I David Martinez Will Be Making A Antibullying Forum In Honor Of Antibullying Month. So Stay Tuned.....